Handle with care

All our clothing is produced with care and is also treated with care. If you want to keep the quality optimal, we advise you to wash the clothes by hand. Of course we understand that you may not always have time for that, so we also have some tips for you, if you want to wash the clothes in the washing machine:

Always wash inside out and at a low temperature, max. 30 ° C. Most detergents are nowadays suitable for lower temperatures and washing at 30 ° C though you wash well. Moreover, washing at low temperatures saves energy. Better for the environment and your wallet!

Use a spin cycle that is not too high, max. 1000 rpm. We recommend a wash program for the delicate wash at 30 ° C and max. 1000 rpm. This way your clothes stay in better shape and wear less hard.

Do not use bleach or aggressive detergents. This can fade the color and print of the clothes and will make the clothes wear faster.
Do not tumble dry. A dryer dries at high temperatures, which means your clothing can lose its shape and elasticity and the print can fade or in some cases even release. It is best to let the clothes dry on a drying rack (not in full sun)

Iron inside out. The imprint of the clothing cannot withstand (direct) heat. Do you want to iron the clothes? Always iron it inside out and at temperatures that are not too high.